1978 - Tom Waits

Time Release of an older painting from the Gentleman Series, this is "1978 Tom Waits", available in several different sizes.  As always, free shipping to continental U.S. (I'm sorry I'm not able to ship prints worldwide at this time without an extra fee and time involved).


Timed Releases ...

The shop will be releasing special prints for a limited time.  Every few days, I will post a new print available then it will be gone, replaced by another limited time print.  This week's release is "El Alacran" (nod to my fellow scorpios).  You can find it in the "SHOP" tab above.


Recently listed ...

You can find an assortment of hand embellished archival prints available in the shop on this site.  Each one is uniquely embellished for a personal touch and signed on the back.

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Los Novios ...

This piece has been in my personal collection since its creation in 2005, and it's time we parted ways.  Part of the process of our new lifestyle is doing away with the old and living minimally and less attached to material objects.  At one time, there was a deep connection to this piece.  I think it's time someone else enjoys it as much as I've enjoyed it all these years.

We'll be back in two and two ...

After quite some time, we’re finally moving forward on our home project so I’m going to be taking a short hiatus of about a month or two until affairs are complete.  No shows, no art.   My work will be in storage and is still accessible for sales, so no issues on that end for those interested.   Prints are also not affected.

See you on the flipside and thanks for the support!!

In the meantime, I'll have work in the upcoming "LUXE" event at Chimmaya Gallery.

"Density 1.0";  mixed media, acrylic, ink, paper, dye, gel.

"Density 1.0";  mixed media, acrylic, ink, paper, dye, gel.

Oh! And thanks so much to Cactus Gallery!

"La Magdalena" : three dimensional collage in ink and acrylic.  2017

"La Magdalena" : three dimensional collage in ink and acrylic.  2017