Idle hands are the Devil’s Playground …


Been quite busy … between working full time and spending my evenings in the studio, I’ve managed to get a few things done and commit myself to some great things on the horizon.  Here’s a bit of things I’ve completed or been involved with recently, including up coming events:

The Dowager

“The Dowager” : 16 x 20 inches; oil on canvas


“Catwoman : Michelle Pfeiffer” : 16 x 16 inches; acrylic on canvas

Catwoman Julie Newmar


“Catowman : Julie Newmar” : 8 x 8 inches; acrylic on canvas

(can you tell i’m gearing up for COMICPALOOZA?)



“Kreuk”  :  20 x 20 inches;  acrylic on canvas

El Beso - WIP

“El Beso” – to be shown at the 9th Annual Frida Festival this friday


I’ve been working on series of sirens for an upcoming show at Red Raven Gallery called “A Mariner’s Tale”


“The Magician” from Tarot Under Oath sold at Last Rites Gallery (thank you)


“La Reyna” at Gallery ChimMaya also sold (thank you)


Honored to be a part of this fabulous event at Alexi Era Gallery:

“Yours Truly : 100 Postcards for Human Rights”


Recent collaboration with photographer, Alex Barber, for his show Visible In Light
. . . . .

Open Studios at Hardy and Nance Studios is April 19th;  feel free to drop by and see what’s in the works.  I am in studio #16



You can pick my new cards while you’re there :)



And you can always find originals and prints available for sale online in my shop




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